Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ronaldo To Sign With Real Madrid

Just days after signing Kaka from AC Milan for 68 million, Real Madrid has confirmed an agreement with Manchester United to sign the Portuguese international for a world record fee of $80 million pounds. Rumour has it that Real Madrid is looking to bring in David Villa from Valencia to fill a void at the Striker position.

By signing Kaka and Ronaldo they are signing the two previous Fifa World Players of the year, both of whom are still young and yet to enter their prime.

One things for certain, Real Madrid will not have to worry about seat and jersey sales, these two acquisitions are going to make Real Madrid the team to watch next year.

Stay posted for more details on the tranfer and Real Madrid

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dwayne De Rosario Coming Home To Play For Toronto FC

DWAYNE DE ROSARIO IS COMING HOME TO PLAY FOR TORONTO FC!! The Canadian International and winner of four MLS cups with San Jose and the Houston Dynamo, will be suiting for Toronto FC for the 2009 MLS season.

I feel a major boost to soccer in the city of Toronto!! Toronto FC already easily has the best following out of any team in the MLS. Bringing De Rosario here will just add to the excitement of soccer in Toronto, as well as Canada as a whole. With Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver all looking to add MLS franchises, the face of football is changing rapidly in North America.

This trade was a great move not only for Toronto FC, but for Dwayne De Rosario as well. The thought of playing in front of your home town fans must be exciting, especially when Toronto FC is one of the most, if not the most successful franchise in the MLS.

What I would like to see now from TFC is to bring in a Portuguese or Italian footballer with a reputation as a designated player. If this were to happen, soccer will be the most talked about sport in the country(except for maybe Hockey, and the Raptors suck this year, very disapointing). Perfect for Canadian teams looking to enter the MLS.

The addition of Sweedish International Ljunberg coming to the MLS to play for Seattle, a Portuguese International needs to come to Toronto! I have heard rumours of both Pauletta, Figo and Nuno Gomez as possible candididates for the designated player.

Berbatov Wins Bulgarian Player Of The Year - OBVIOUSLY!!!

Berbatov winning the Bulgarian player of the year award did not come as much of a surprise to the footballing world, considering he wins the award as almost as frequently as he scores receiving the honor 5 times since 2002.

For Country Berbatov has manager to compile 41 goals in 68 appearances, an impressive stat considering the level of play in world football as of late. We all saw what he could do for Tottenham, and he is beginning to show his form for Manchester United. As a Manchester United fan (Go Ronaldo), I am hoping he hits it soon, cause Man U could really use the help. Ronaldo needs to step it up as well, especially after the season he had last year.

I would mention some of the other contendors, but unfortunately you would not no whom they are unless you follow the Bulgarian league, relegiously!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Despite losing some key players this season like Quaresma to Inter, and Paulo Assunsao to Atletico Madrid, Porto has managed to field another strong team while impressing in the Champions League. Having already qualified to the knockout stage after a win away to Fenerbache (which couldnt be easy considering the atmosphere in Turkey), they sit in second place to Arsenal.

Having won the competition in 2004, and winning the Portuguese Liga for the past 3 seasons, its odd that Porto is not considered to be amongst the favorites to win the competition.

In the off-season, Porto brought in Brazilian striker, Hulk to add goal scoring support to the incredibly affective Argentinian International Lisandro Lopez, who is a goal scoring machine. In the midfield, Lucho Gonzalez is as good as any midfielder in the world, and has proven he can dominate a game even against the greatest of opposition. Alongside Lucho is Portuguese International Raul Meireles is no stranger to the Champions league or scoring goals, and anchors the midfield for Porto. On defense, Alves leads a strong defense that includes portuguese defenders Rolando and Emmanuel. Rounding off the back Four is talented Uruguyan Fucile and brazillian goalkeeper Helton.

That looks to me like a strong team, what do you think?

Good News and Bad News For Sporting Lisbon In The Champions League

Match day 5 of the Uefa Champions League came with good news and bad news for Sporting Lisbon of the Portuguese Liga. The good news, Sporting had already advanced to the knockout stage in second place of their group with 9 points. The bad news, Sporting LOST to Barcelona, 5-2 in a match that technically saw more goals by Benfica if you count the own goals by Polga and Carneira, and penalty kick. Hell, Sporting would have lost 3-2 if you only counted the goals scored by Sporting, or goals that came as a result of stupid mistakes.

Yes it is great news that Sporting Lisbon has qualified for the knockout stage, but did they have to play that badly against a team like Barcelona? I strongly believe that Sporting has a team, that on any given day can beat any team in the Champions League, including Barcelona. They had an opportunity to show the world through pedigree, but failed miserably. Sporting HAS to step it up against major competition, especially in the first knockout phase.

Scoreline aside, I strongly believe Sporting can contend for the Uefa Champions League title (perhaps more so than Porto)! They have Liedson upfront, a capable striker and proven goal scorer. Upfront supprt to Liedson can come from Djalo, the veteran Derlei and Helder Postiga, the Portuguese International who has fallen incredibly short of his potential but god help the team that plays Sporting if he all of a sudden gets into form.

The midfield for Sporting has got to be as good as anyone's with youngsters, and highly saught after Portugese Internationals, Joao Moutinho and Miguel Veloso.

There weakest link may be the defense, with really only Carneira and Polga to boast about, however they both had own goals as well against Barcelona. Their goalie, Portugese International Rui Patricio who I belive is a solid goalie and a future international superstar.

Come on Sporting, show us what you can do!! We are rooting for you in the Knockout stage! Lets see that potential.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

United Miss out on an opportunity to move up the premiere league table

Manchester United missed a golden opportunity to move up the Premiere League table after a goalless draw aginst Aston Villa at Villa Park. The reigning champions were sitting in 3rd place, 8 points back of the leaders Chelsea and Liverpool who currently share first place.

The stage was set, earlier in the day both Chelsea and Liverpool matches ended in draws against Newcastle and Fulham respectively. Manchester United was hoping to cut the deficit to six points, however an in form Aston Villa team led by Agbonlahor stood in the way of that goal, and climbed into fourth place ahead of Arsenal who lost their second consecutive game after a loss to Manchester City.

Because of the Draw, Manchester United remains in 3rd place, 8 points back of the leaders, with Aston Villa and Arsenal rounding off the top 5.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Portugal DESTROYED By Brazil 6-2! What is up with that!

For those of you who missed it, Portugal just got SPANKED by Brazil!! I can not even begin to tell you how wrong that is on so many levels, but I am going to try.

First of all, a little background on myself so you have a good understanding of why this matters to me so much. I am Portuguese, and a die hard football fan. It pains me to see the team that I take so much pride in get destroyed 6-2, thats right, 6-2 by a Country that speaks the same language as us. Brazil was once a Portuguese colony, and is now the Football capital of the world. They have enough players for 100 national teams. So they once again have bragging rights.

Second, Portugal has an incredible team. You cant blame everything on the coach. Yes there has been a difference in Portugal's style of play since Carlos Queiroz took over, but still why cant we come together as a National Team. I mean look at our team; Ronaldo, Nani, Quaresma, Almeida, Danny, Deco, Simao, Maniche, Bosingwa, Carvalho, Meira, I mean the list goes on and on. I would say our biggest weakness is the Striker position, which is the reason why we dont score to many goals. But still, 6-2. Thats hard to come back from. Oh yeah, and great goalkeeping by Quim, what the F%$ was that! It was if he was sleeping! Especially those by Maicon and Elano

On the flip side, how the hell is Brazil not the number 1 team in the world? I mean seriously, they can seriously put out the 1, 2 and 3 top teams in the world and still be eachothers biggest competition.

Anyways, Portugal needs to bounce back, from that embarassing loss. Ronaldo needs to step it up big time internationally. To be truly great, he needs to lead both his club and country.

Does anyone feel my pain? Any thoughts on the game? Comment below